Is a 24 Hour Delivery Service Necessary?

There are many different types of businesses and companies that use couriers and delivery services on a regular basis. While transmitting signed documents over the internet is possible nowadays, hard copies with physical signatures are typically required when it comes to certain legal documents.

At ProCourier, we understand that getting necessary documents to your customers within a specific timeline is important. We also understand that not all customers have 9 to 5 office hours, which is why we offer a full 24 hour delivery service.

It is common for businesses to wonder if they really need a 24 hour delivery service or if they can simply choose to use one of the national delivery services instead. In reality, some companies and attorney offices may be able to work with these companies, but others will require our specialized services.

The Benefits

Before deciding if you need a 24 hour delivery service, stop and think about the type of work that you do and the importance of actual delivery times. If you are not worried about the package or envelope arriving within a specific 24-hour period, then you may not need a specialized delivery service.

Also, if your business day tends to exceed the typical nine to five schedule that most of the couriers tend to keep, then we are also a good match for your needs.

The benefits of using our service include:

  • The freedom to get the document prepared when you have the time, regardless of the delivery service schedule.

  • Professional delivery staff who will ensure that your small package or envelope gets to the right destination within the required timeline.

  • A specialized legal services team that is aware of the requirements of getting documents to and from a courthouse.

  • Processing services in Southern California as well as across the United States.

  • The ability to have adequate time to prepare the documentation and proofread the information to ensure that everything is correct.

Our Commitment to Service

At ProCourier, our goal is to provide the fastest, most reliable 24 hour delivery service for our customers at a competitive price. Each and every one of our employees has the same goal in mind, which is why many of our customers will work with us on an ongoing basis. This retention occurs because our clients feel comfortable letting us handle all of their important and confidential documents.

We recognize that not all courier services are the same. That is why at ProCourier, we offer quality delivery services and a professional staff to set us apart from the competition.

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