How Our Legal Support Services In Orange County Can Assist Your Practice

As anyone who has worked in a law office knows, there are a lot of moving parts to any legal case. This often includes the need to use process servers, retrieve records or file court proceedings as well as the need to do research at the court.

While other professions have moved to electronic access to many types of documents, this is a very slow process with court records or records in general. This often means that someone from your office has to actually go to the court where the records are filed and complete the search, which ends up costing your office time, money and leaves you with a staff shortage. This is particularly problematic if the court is outside of Orange County.

To address these issues, as well as to provide legal messenger services, ProCourier created the ProLegal division. This is a specialized division of the ProCourier company that works exclusively with attorney’s offices and law firms to offer legal support services.

Process Serving

Within our legal support services, we offer bonded, registered and insured process servers. These professionals are able to complete the necessary due diligence to locate and serve individuals quickly, professionally and ethically. We can complete interviews and find out the best locations to find the individuals even if they are making efforts to avoid being served.

Legal Messenger Services

Having the ability to call ProCourier and have a legal messenger dispatched to your office or to retrieve documents from another location and bring them to your firm is a time and cost-saving consideration for your practice.

Our staff is trained, experienced and dedicated to providing secure, confidential transfer of these documents.

Record Retrievals

Our legal support services even extend to doing court records retrieval or obtaining discovery records with the necessary subpoenas. We have our own in-house team with extensive experience in what is necessary to obtain the records and provide copying services or scanning of the information for readily available digital copies.

If your law office in Orange County is interested in learning more about our legal services, talk to our experts at ProLegal for more information and pricing.

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