How Your Private Investigator Can Help Your Lawyer with Legal Support Services

Lawyers can use private investigators to improve their chances of winning a case. By employing a PI team, further evidence can be compiled and securely delivered by our legal support services in Orange County.

Gathering the Evidence

Should the chances of winning your case be less than perfect, your lawyers may choose to employ private investigators to gather supporting evidence to improve the likelihood of winning the case in court.

The PI team may gather parts that were left from a broken vehicle or accident location and have these delivered carefully by our legal support services in Orange County.

There are occasionally circumstances where more documentary evidence is required. When trying to prove the fault of an accident, the PI team may gather pictures of the damage and provide this to our legal support services in Orange County who will deliver the items directly and safely to the legal team.

Other documentary evidence may include expert witness reports, records from companies or necessary medical reports.

In some cases, your PI team may be required to gather information about your potential opponents. They may be able to uncover information about an individual’s personal life or their business. It is important that all this information is kept safe and passed only to experts, like our organization, who will take the maximum care to ensure that it is swiftly delivered in the safest possible manner to the intended recipients.

If your legal firm requires documents or parcels moving from one location to another, however long or short the distance, we can provide immediate help and assistance, to ensure your goals and targets are met.

We operate a specific division within our business to provide support to the court, legal support services, law firms, and departments, offering our 24/7 service as standard.

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