Cutting Costs For Delivery In Los Angeles

At ProCourier, we recognize that businesses are always trying to do more with less. As a Los Angeles based business ourselves, we work with companies, offices, agencies and organizations of all sizes in a range of industries. When your business needs to use a courier service, we are here to meet your needs at a fair, competitive price.

In our years of service, we have always made the commitment to quality in short and long-distance delivery services for our customers. In order to assist our clients in getting the best pricing and the most cost-effective delivery options, we offer some helpful tips to incorporate into your business routine.

Talk to our Staff

Many of our customers are regulars, with a set schedule and routine for booking our delivery services. For many of these businesses, we arrange for a dedicated driver to work specifically with the company for deliveries in and around the Los Angeles area.

This allows you to pay for the dedicated driver service rather than multiple, individual couriers. We can discuss your options, and you can decide if this is a cost saving option based on your unique shipping and courier requirements.

Shop Your Shipping Supplies Providers

For small to large businesses involved in large volumes of parcel shipments, supplies such as boxes, labels, tape and packing materials can be a very costly part of doing business.

Compare different large office supply companies as well as the smaller local companies in LA. You may be surprised at the cost savings from just looking at the different prices and choosing the lower cost items.

We can also arrange for route delivery services in addition to door-to-door types of services. By using our couriers and delivery drivers, you will always know what the rate is for delivery, and you never have to worry about vehicle maintenance, employee training or trying to manage a shipping department on top of everything else you already do.

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